Homemade Plate Chiller Back-Flush Hose

Homemade Backflush Assembly

I created a bigger, better, easier-to-use back-flush assembly for my plate chiller. If you already own a plate chiller, you may have some spare parts, like me, and would be able to make one for less than $20 Blichmann asking price.

If you own a Blichmann Therminator plate chiller—a Dudadiesel plate chiller, like me—or really any other plate chiller, you probably go through various machinations in order to clean it.  After each brew day, I use my pump to run hot PBW (or my home-made version) through it for a good 10-15 minutes.  Still, I was seeking a way to double-down on my cleaning regimen that wouldn’t be so involved.

Blichmann’s therminator back-flush assembly is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, but I didn’t want to pay $20 for it.  I was able to build a better one for “free”, as I already had all the parts.  If you have none of the parts, then you can build it yourself for a marginally more expensive price.

You will need:

Assembly of the hose is easy.  Cram one end of the hose onto the “C Special” camlock fitting and secure with the worm clamp.  Repeat with the other end of the hose and the garden hose adapter.  If your plate chiller isn’t already equipped with male camlock fittings, then screw-on the male fitting to either the wort-in or wort-out ports.

Hook everything up to your water source, and flush away.  Repeat as needed.  I find the camlock connections to be superior to the screw-on assembly of the official Blichmann product.  Easy on and easy off.  After all, cleaning a plate chiller is already enough of an ordeal; this easy-cleaning method will restore some of your sanity.

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