Levitation Recipe Error in Beersmith 2

Beersmith 2 allows you to import recipes from a variety of sources, including the Northern Brewer and the “Can You Brew It” recipes.  Earlier this year, I found a Stone Levitation clone among the “Can You Brew It” imported list, and brewed it.

It did not turn out quite right.


A typo in a recipe still makes a beer, but not a clone of Stone’s Levitation.

It tastes fine, but it sure doesn’t taste much like Levitation.  And then, there’s the color.  It’s virtually black.  I re-reviewed the recipe I imported from Beersmith 2, and found the issue (which apparently still persists with this recipe listed in the Beersmith cloud).  The recipe listed 7.1 ounces (200 grams) of Black Patent Malt (500 SRM).  Elsewhere, the recipe lists 0.71 ounces (i.e., 20 grams).  The rest of the imported recipe checks out perfectly, but that’s a pretty large typographical error.

For the record, the corrected recipe is here: Stone Levitation

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