Mounting a Dudadiesel Chiller

Plate Chiller Mounting Brackets

With the plate chiller firmly attached to the stand, so far, everything is working extremely well.  The firm mounting allows for plenty of force to be used when attaching or removing cam-locks or garden hose.

Mounting my recently-purchased a 30-plate chiller from Dudadiesel (model no. B3-23A) was easily accomplished with off-the-shelf items from Home Depot.

To facilitate easy removal for cleaning and/or servicing, I selected some stainless steel wingnuts.  The angle tie is ‘L” shaped, so you’ll need to position the short part of the “L” at the base, and use the extra height/length to raise the plate chiller above/off the mounting structure.  The rest of the installation should be obvious.

The full parts list is here, at about $8:

You will need to select the appropriate method for mounting the brackets to your stand or structure (I used a self-tapping metal screw).

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