Notes on Attaching your March Pump

Chugger Pump Bracket 1

Notice the awkward angle: it is  impossible to get a screwdriver at the proper 90-degree angle, let alone anything bulkier like a power drill.

Many months ago, as a gift, I received a Chugger Pump. Now, with a recently-completed Brewtus-Ten style brew stand, I finally decided to put it into service, which meant mounting it permanently somewhere on the stand.  Of course, the very act of mounting it—in and of itself—turned out to be a tricky affair.

If you’re looking to mount your Chugger or March pump, take note, the positioning of the motor housing can make it extremely challenging to properly position a power drill.  You may need a screwdriver, and even that will be tough going at an awkward angle.

Chugger Pump Bracket 2

A close-up view, emphasizing the awkward angle to get at the mounting bracket.  I also used a small washer to attempt a tighter fit.  If I had to do it again, I’d use a locking washer.

For the sake of speculation, it may be easier to use nuts and bolts, instead of a sheet-metal screw.  The gap between the bracket and the motor housing is very tight, but you may be able to squeeze a small wrench in there to hold the nut or bolt while you tighten from the opposite side of the bracket.  Because of my chosen placement for my pump—partially above one of the sections of tube steel, and so had no “opposite side of the bracket” to access—I could not use nuts & bolts and instead had to use sheet metal screws.

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