Review of Southern Tier Pumking

Southern Tier's Pumking

An imperial ale brewed with pumpkins (and spices).

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!  Historically, I’ve been apt to purchase a six-pack of “Ichbod”, by New Holland Brewing, but with this beer, it’s likely to change going forward.

“Pumking”, by Southern Tier is simply a fantastic beer rendition of autumn.  It’s an “ale brewed with pumpkins,” though pumpkin pie may be more appropriate.  Though it’s not listed on the label as ingredients, it tastes as if heavily spiced with cinnamon, and perhaps a touch of ginger and nutmeg… virtually the ingredients listed on an off-the-shelf pumpkin pie spice.

For an imperial beer, it’s surprisingly flavorful.  In my experience, many imperial beers are heavy in the alcohol content, but lower in flavor than their more sessionable counterparts.  Pumking is strongly flavored, with an absolutely delicious aroma, while the alcohol content doesn’t show up with the usual “hot” aftertaste.  Even at 22oz per bottle, it’s a beer of which I’d gladly have two in one sitting.  Cheers to autumn!

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