Review of Stone “Enjoy By” 2.14.14

Stone "Enjoy By" IPA 2.14.14

Freshly-poured Stone “Enjoy By” IPA 2.14.14. The tropical fruit flavor and lack of malt backbone was a bit much for me.

Living just outside the normal distribution area, until now, I’ve never before had a chance to try one of Stone Brewing Co.‘s “Enjoy By” series IPAs.

The beer pours surprisingly pale for such a large (9.4% ABV) beer, with a decent head that is just a shade or two from being pure white.  For an Imperial IPA as this beer is, I would have expected a slightly more orange color from the addition of crystal/caramel malts, or some other similar specialty malt.  As it is, this looks like its comprised of simply base malt.

The aroma is comprised entirely of pungent tropical fruit.  I’m reminded of kiwis and passionfruit, with a bit of grapefruit.  The taste is identical to the smell. These are definitely not the “sweet,” candy-like tropical fruit flavors (and aromas), but instead are the bittersweet flavors—again, much like grapefruit.  There was no detectable malt flavor or character.

It only cost me about $7.50 for a 22oz. bottle, and while I’ll perhaps try to find further “Enjoy By” releases, this one was not to my liking.  I’m sure it’d be highly-praised by those who love the tropical fruit hops, but I’m not one of them.  To each his (or her) own.


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