Review of Three Floyds Alpha King

Three Floyds Alpha King

Three Floyds Alpha King, from bottle to glass.

My brother, who lives in Bloomington, Indiana, was fortunate enough to bring me a special treat when he recently visited Minneapolis: a Three Floyds sixpack!  I had asked for Heady Topper, but apparently that’s difficult to get even if you live in Indiana—though Munster, IN is practically a suburb of Chicago.

The beer is a surprise: for a “pale ale”, I was expecting an envelope-pushing hop bomb.  Instead Alpha King has a restrained, nicely-blended bitterness well-braced with a rich malty presence.  It finishes neither too-dry nor too-sweet, but in a very-refreshing middle ground with a rich, lingering aftertaste.  It strongly reminds me of a less-bitter version of Fulton’s Sweet Child of Vine.

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