Review of Tuned Galaxy IPA

Tuned Galaxy IPA

A decent beer at a decent price. Don’t buy it for the song, though; I couldn’t get the download to work.

I usually make an effort to try local beers, especially when they appear at my favorite, local liquor store.  I had been looking to try a beer brewed by 612 Brew, and while it doesn’t appear to be truly one of their own, it is at least marked as brewed & bottled by them.

The beer poured well, with a nice head of foam that nonetheless collapsed quickly, leaving behind a stick trail of film.  The color was a pleasant reddish-orange, and the clarity was excellent despite it having been bottle-conditioned.  It wasn’t labeled as such; I can only assume that the beer is bottle-conditioned due to the amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

After pouring, the aroma is faint and unassuming, usually not strong selling points for an IPA.  However, gently disturbing the glass disturbed the carbonation, releasing some bubbles and presenting an unmistakeable passion-fruit flavor.  The mouthfeel is smooth, with a nice level of carbonation, and while the overall flavor is a typical C-hop citrus, passion-fruit flavor clearly asserts itself.  The malt/hop balance is nicely done.

In all, it was a decent beer at a decent price.

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